Kolcaba's Theory Of Comfort Theory

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As a future nurse in the hospital, my philosophy of nursing is keeping the patient safe, comfortable, and good communication skills. Patients are coming to the hospital because their illness forced them to do so; not because they want to be stake in the hospital. While they are in the hospital, it should be the nurses job to make sure that patient is safe, especially avoiding fall risks. Also, make sure the patient is comfortable throughout their stay, and this can be managing their pain, or answering their call lights. Another nursing philosophy I have is clear communication between health providers such as nurses, physicians, PCA’s and the recipient of care and the people around them such as the patient, family members, and community.
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Kolcaba’s theory tells us that the environment can be altered to fit the patient’s needs and comfort, and this can be done by the nurse, family member, or community (). My believe about the environment when it comes to patient care is similar to Kolcaba’s theory. I believe that the environment must fit the patient’s needs for their health and comfort, and to accomplish this the contribution and collaboration of the health care providers, family members and community is essential. For example, when a patient gets discharge, the nurse needs to make sure the patient is going to an environment where it is accessible, and comfortable to the …show more content…
I agree to this statement too because the improvement of any patient’s health is not only put up on the patient, but it is a collaboration of the maximum amount of work as they can to improve the patient’s health. In addition, Kolcaba’s theory states that “nursing includes the intentional assessment of comfort, needs, the design of comfort measures to address those needs, and the reassessment of comfort levels after implementation” (). I believe this is important because if the nurse manages the patient’s needs and comfort, then the patient will be compliant to be involved in the care they are receiving. Overall, all of these domains are talking about putting patient’s needs, and comfort first which is focusing on patient

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