My Definition Of Self Care Essay

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My definition of self-care would encompass all levels of Maslow’s hierarchy. Maslow’s believed that people were driven to meet specific requirements of their life and when a certain requirement is met that person will move up a level to fulfill the next (McLeod, 2014). I feel I would be able to care for others to the best of my ability when I am able to personally meet all five of Maslow’s hierarchies. I have the bottom three needs met: basic physiological needs, safety needs and love/belonging needs. What I need improvement on are the last two levels: esteem and self-actualization.
Problem Areas
I want to have more confidence in myself, not only in my decision making process, but also in myself personally. This relates back to the esteem level of Maslow’s hierarchy. I do not necessarily feel the need for others to like me or to give me attention, but I do want others to have a certain level of respect for me. However, I need the most growth in confidence for myself. I do not have the highest self-esteem in my body image. I also second-guess my decision making, which in turn, I question my intelligence.
I sometimes have this feeling that I am floating through life and going with the flow. I do not want to go with the current and go wherever life takes me. I want to carve my own path and make my life the way I want. I want to know why I make certain decisions, what I am capable of, and why I think a particular way. I want to be aware and mindful of the world and the…

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