My Definition Of Quality Management Essays

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My Definition of Quality Quality is more about who you are as a company than what you do or how you do it. Quality is defined as an attitude that permeates an entire organization and the way in which that organization performs its internal and external business. Quality comes from every employee within the organization who is dedicated to the concept of total quality management and who constantly strives for excellence and continuous quality improvement in all that they do. Quality eliminates waste, creates efficiency and effectiveness, and provides a safe and timely product, while adding value for the customer by reducing the variation of its services and products. Quality exceeds the expectations of its customers and allows an organization to be the best in its class, a benchmark for all others to follow.

My Philosophy of the 5p 's, Strategic Management System and Transformational Leadership To embrace a Strategic Quality Management System a company and all of its employees must understand how the 5P 's (Purpose, Principle, Process, People and Performance), the Strategic Management Model (Mission, External and Internal Assessment, Vision, Goals and Objectives, Strategy Formulation, Strategy Implementation, Measurement and Feedback), Integrating Quality Initiatives (Company Standards, Quality Control and Assurance, Regulatory Compliance, Lean Practices, Employee Empowerment and Process Ownership, along with Training and Communication) and how they relate and…

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