My Definition Of Literacy Essay

821 Words Dec 5th, 2016 4 Pages
My definition of literacy was being capable to read. That is some part of it but literacy is also part of growing up because it still carried in my routinely life. I 'm a sophomore in college now and I still feel like my literacy is still growing and evolving. One of my earliest memories I could relate to was as a teenager I had a teacher named Mr.Jago and he made interested in becoming literate. He made me experience growth in the classroom and learn moral values to embrace being creative with my writing. As the son of two hard working parents, I learned there is nothing free in this world and that you have to take everything you can get for not granted. I realized at a young age, I wanted to be a professional athlete, I wasn’t never sure at the time in what sport. I never really worried about making good grades I always made okay grades.On the other hand being more inspired by track & field than sitting in a classroom for two hours listen to a leisures and learn how to improve one of my weaknesses which is writing. Barring there was my middle school teacher Mr.Jago he took learning to another level of learning experiences and made me want to do better in the classroom and “strive for excellence”was his favorite in class motto. Everyday I would walk into class sit down and would take a peek at the handouts on the desk. I would Listen to instructions given and do my work and leave. I viewed that as a way of learning that 's all I got from grade school and…

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