My Definition Of Learning Style

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Throughout your life you find that no one can learn the same way. As going through my school days we were taught hands on and the teacher stayed on certain topics for a week. We always had worksheets or some type of song to learn to help with learning. We all seemed to learn through play and music. We had to bring in things with letter sounds and do show and tell. They used flashcards, small groups, and tried to keep the parents involved. We did not have technology back then. We had to go to the library and sit down with encyclopedias and different books. They would have award day to celebrate our achievements. When this was done the ones that did not make it did better the next time. They would pass out treats and prizes to get the kids into learning and doing better. What is Learning Style? The link that I read states, “many people use combination of learning styles, whereas others learn best by using just one” (Educational, 2011). My definition of learning styles is …show more content…
“In recent years, educators have conducted research on the ways students learn and the strategies that wok best for different kinds of learners. Not everyone responds in the same way to reading, listening, studying, and memorizing. Knowing your own learning style can help you devise useful strategies for your own success” (Simon, 18). I am grateful that I decided to not let fear control my desire to continue my education. I took the time to find out my learning style and it has been the best move I have made since starting my program of study. I realize that I work better in a land based class where there is person to person contact where I can verbally hear instructions and ask my questions as I need to. This works for me so much better than an online class. That human contact is what I desire and what will help me succeed as I continue to

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