Definition Of Greatness

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"Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them" is the famous line penned by William Shakespeare and the later of these is where I find myself. While the definition of greatness can vary, I believe that being a leader and making a difference can be a definition of greatness. It does not require becoming the CEO of a company or being famous, but rather knowing that an individual has completed their goals and made a difference in the world. In my current position as Coordinator of Information Systems and Communication at Berea College 's Office of Admissions, I have found myself faced with the greatness of being a leader, however, I also find myself being much less equipped than I would like to be. I …show more content…
The staff that I currently supervise are older than I am and have been in a professional setting longer than I have. They understand that it is required to show up on time, dress appropriately for the job, and letting their supervisor know if they have to miss work. These are things that I dealt with while working with college students. Now, working with professional staff, it is much more about meeting deadlines, professional customer service, and creating a cohesive team. My current team works together much longer than a student worker who is gone during the summer and only works one academic year. These and other professional staff management skills are my areas of weakness and where I hope to improve in the short term to become a better …show more content…
Anyone can create a list of things that should be done or instructions on how to do something. However, it takes skill and knowledge to create policies and procedures that can serve people well, while still being fair, effective and doable. This is critical when working with higher education and nonprofit organizations. While this could be considered a short term goal, it also is a skill I want to continue to hone over my professional career. My long term goals can be split into two areas, myself and others. Pursing an MPA will allow me to be the best employee and leader that I can be, by enhancing my skills and my ability to work with policies. It is important to continue to learn new skills and be able to apply those to work and life. An MPA will also allow me serve others in the best capacity possible. Serving other includes both the people I interact outside the organization and the staff that I lead and interact with. Over time I believe I can effectively change and improve the quality of life for those within my

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