My Definition Of Heros

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Heroes are everywhere, every day someone does something and they become

someone's hero. Heros are defined by many words,people,actions and me, I define my

heros by fearless,supporting, and beauty.

What is fearless? Fearless is lacking fear, at least that’s what the dictionary says it is. My definition is someone who can push aside their fear,worry, hopelessness and be able to change something or someone in a better way.”Don’t let the fear of what could

happen, make nothing happen” -unknown. You can’t be afraid to make a change or else

only bad things will happen .People talk about these actions of heroes these people

who save people from burning building or those people were fearless but a hero could

also be someone who
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I don’t know if I’m really

allowed to do this but her is a quote of my own “Karma can suck when it comes at you,

but when it gets to the people who deserve It you laugh you head off” which is exactly

what I did when duncan failed another college course.
Earlier I said one of my definitions of a hero is beautiful I didn’t mean
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“Love your laugh, love your style, love your heart, your soul, your smile, love your voice, love your touch”-unknown. The only thing I could add

is to love yourself I feel like it would sum it up better, but I completely agree with

whomever wrote this. A beautiful person is a person comfortable in their skin, and living

their life to the fullest. I’m sad to say I have never met someone like this I know so many

wonderful people but they say things about themselves saying they aren’t pretty they

are fat and to be honest that person is also me I wish I was better but a beautiful person

is someone who is perfect, at least to me and no one is perfect but some people are

pretty darn close. Someone once told me “unless a doctor tells you there is something

wrong than you are fine” -Mrs.Susan. I have been trying to go by this but almost all

people focus on their negatives, hell I wrote a list, it was an entire page long no double space. I noticed that we see ourselves everyday so we seem normal or weird to us

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