The Beauty Myth By Naomi Wolf: An Analysis

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I was not expecting ten weeks will change many of my ideas. I thought I had an amazing stance on the word “feminism”, but after these classes with Professor Amanda Meise, I knew that I was wrong in understanding the word "feminism". Now, it is the time to confirm that I had a really wrong idea of the definition or the actual meaning of "feminism". Therefore, I would strongly say yes, I am feminist! As I learned from the class, feminism is a term used for a person who believes in rights of women, equal rights of women and men in the world. Also, I learned that people use feminism to defend their unconventional ideas which is a little wrong because feminism is not about hating men and demanding freedom for women for everything.
Feminism is empowering
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I love it because it was the first article I read in this class which was the eye opener for the word “feminism”. I love this article because it describes the way commercial perceptions of female body images that are tainting and destroying the female minds, physiology and psychology by blindly following these standards (Wolf). It is man who have more sexual arouse in woman possessing a perfect body, rather females are emotionally impacted (Wolf). I strongly agree with Wolf where she argues that the contends this standard of beauty has assumed control over the work of social pressure once left to myths about motherhood, family life, purity, and lack of involvement, all of which have been utilized to keep ladies delicate for men desires. Also, I saw the similar arguments were also presented by -Radical Women of Color- in their complication “The Bridge Called my Back” where they present various instances and arguments regarding the stereotyping of women in terms of their physical …show more content…
However, I did not like some contexts in "Guyland”, such as the idea where the author, Michael Kimmel described Guyland as a place where guys go to become men and single men stay there because they no longer have to face the stresses of the world. Also, there were some anti-feminists things that were offensive to a great extent. The first time the writer mentions women, he states that men do not like women, but they like girls because girls are sexy which does not fit my mind. I hate it because it is insulting women by only limiting them to the use of their appearances. Also, I did not like where it says men control girls by setting rules and deciding which girl is in and which girl is out which seems offensive to me. Rules like girls can be like guys or dress in a way that does not threaten the masculinity of men. Basically, the rules are disrespectful. Also, I did not like the part where the pornography of women and girls is found in every dorm room is demeaning as well, because it makes every girl want to shape their body. I believe that women are not only for the sex to fulfill the desires of man. Women are shown up here as the sex workers only which is not acceptable at all. I think that every gender has its own roles and responsibility in the community. Therefore, the comparison of boys and girls are not justifiable. Some are

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