My Definition Of Curriculum Is What Students Learn Essay

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As I began this class in January my definition of curriculum was based on the academic coursework teachers use to instruct the information. Now my definition of curriculum is anything that falls under the auspice of the school that includes coursework, classroom arrangement, instruction, assessment, student engagement, and community involvement. My perspective is curriculum is what students learn in and out of the school. We need to teach students to become learners and problem solvers for the 21st century. I currently work at The Academy at Penncrest High School through the Simon Youth Foundation. The Mission of the Simon Youth Foundation is that it exists to help youth – who are at risk of dropping out of high school – graduate, develop life skills, and pursue post-secondary education and career paths. While I believe this is a great program for many of our students, we also need to also incorporate teaching students to survive in society. Our students use a curriculum called Grad Point which is an online curriculum where students can work individually on their goals and pass with a 70% or better with each lesson. The Academy at Penncrest High School needs to also focus on life skills to provide the students with opportunities of knowledge for survival. The parents of our program need to understand their return on investment and challenge their children to succeed in society.
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