My Decision Of Being An Educator Essay

1040 Words Aug 6th, 2015 null Page
Back in Spring Quarter 2013 I had the chance to go observe a local high school in the LAUSD, being there helped me led my decision of being an educator even more now. Being able to observe the students helped me see the different student’s behavior that I will need to do work with. I recall when I was there seeing two students who will just not worry about doing their work done and the teacher not doing much to encourage them. After observing those two students it helped me led to the decision on becoming a teacher even more and that is to make a difference in teen’s lives through education. The main reason being is being able to educate the future generations by teaching them their own potential at a young age. By having them learn their own potential young we can help them see that they can grow up to be what they want to be. We can also help prepare them for the real world and show them that no matter where they come from their dreams can come true by putting their mind to it. Overall I would want to invest that time in teaching them by also teaching the teens their literacy, their prosperity, and prepare them for a future. The key point of students succeed goes hand in hand in how the students learn depending on how the instructor presents the subject. Many students tend to learn different but it also depends on how one teaches the subject and most important what is the subject that they will be learning about. I think students learn best when students tend to write…

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