My Decision Essay

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The Decision

A decision that truly made an impacted in my life started about 3 years ago. It’s been interesting these past 3 years. i must say. As i reflect back on this impact in my life, thanks to my father nothing would have been the same for what he decided made for me. After countless hours of practice on hair mannequin’s, conflicts between my father and i, and really having a better understanding of what women really want and should have for their hair. To become be a hairstylist on the side in the near future, hasn’t been easy. But it has developed my way of thinking what’s best for my own good.

Back in Jr. high, when blue polo shirts was required to be worn for 8th graders. Before ending the day,my last period was
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I couldn’t handle sticky paper balls, full of glue and getting hit by one. The second right after i got into the car with my dad from the pick up area after school. I could tell my father just wanting to speak his mind about something that couldn’t wait for tomorrow. I could still feel the exact tension we had that day in the car. “Ayla, i’ve been thinking about this decision for a few days now and i have reach a decision for you.” The cow said while chewing loudly on his gum, during traffic was going on the expressway. “Well.. what is it? Are we going to eat at Luby’s instead of Popeyes’s today? “ No that has nothing to do with what i’m about to say. Just last night i made a decision on teaching both you and karen cutting hair.” I completely blanked out after hearing him saying ‘and Karen’. I felt speechless after those few last words. My father has been teaching my older sister Karen how to cut women’s hair for a few years now. It never made me want to ask why he was doing this, because it was none of my business what so ever. But i knew there was reason behind all of this, there just had to one. As days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, over time i got more and more curious as to why he started all of this with Karen. Confused at …show more content…
During those first few days, stories were also told by my father. Stories about how he got into being a hairstylist during his college years. Saying how he made great money in the 70’s, and how many women from even out of state would come to the valley to get a haircut from him. Sounded great and all, making great money during college. I learned how to study different cuts of women’s hair, how to cut a certain style women should have base on their lifestyle , on top of that studying on what’s great for all types of hair and what’s expect at a saloon that can be easily be done at home. HIgh school slowly creep in like a lion going towards his prey in the hot heated savannah desert, my Junior year of High school. Not that work assigned to us is difficult to keep on with, but how to manage time when having activities after school. Not even a month has gone by, and already Mariachi and cutting hair has to be put to the side for a

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