My Decision At The University Of Canterbury Essay

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It has always been instilled in me by my parents and those around me to have goals and aspirations both short and long term. A career is something that is subject to change over the course of your life but to get anywhere you need to aim for success. Law and commerce both appeal to me as they are diverse ever-changing fields that require a practical application of logic and method. I have always been encouraged to pursue further education in particular at university so, as a proud Cantabrian, the University of Canterbury has always been my first choice university. Not only is it a first class institution it is local. By the location being so close to home, studying here will save me lots financially in the long run for both me and my family.

My decision to study commerce is a long time in the making. My father is a project manager with his own consulting company, implementing payroll and HR systems amongst other things into major corporations and government departments. Though seeing my father work throughout my life i have always seen myself in a career within business. i have only really had this realisation in recent years and through my involvement in school i the last year this is a path that really appeals to me.

Commerce is such a widely used subject with 12 possible majors including accounting, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, information systems, management, marketing and taxation and accounting offered at the University of Canterbury, it is a subject that…

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