My Dearest Friend, My Friend Essay

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My Dearest Friend, I fear the worse for my young and still developing country. Our goal Manifest Destiny has almost been met but with the spread of Americans across the continent seems to come the spread of the appalling act of slavery. These damn southerners have no clue to how to make an honest living. They force their slaves out into the field while they sit there and drink tea. At the end of the day, they go to count their cotton and then reap the rewards. Meanwhile, the slaves live in squalor. Well, my friend, I can no longer stand for this. If these southerners wanted to continue to live off the free labor of slaves, then they can keep it where it is. I will not stand for slavery to spread into the new territories and curse this nation as it continues to grow. The men have the south are so twisted and money hungry they are plaguing the nation. Up until the cotton gin, the south was almost ready to abolish slavery. In 1832 a majority of the Virginia legislator said that they, “looked forward to the final abolition of slavery and to go on, step by step, until the great end” (Levine 135). The slave trade had even been abolished! Yet, once this invention made southern cotton useful there was a sudden shift in their hideous ideology of slavery. Southern journals and slavocrats have gone on this spree of spreading pro-slavery propaganda. They set about, "elaborating a doctrine that justified the indefinite servitude and enforced labor of some on behalf of the prosperity…

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