My Day With The Basketball Game Essay

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One day while I was sitting in my AP Government and Politics class waiting to go down to the gym to watch the basketball game, I started thinking about my aunt Shanice. We 'd been hanging out for the past weeks as a family for once. I was very inexperienced when it came to family relationships because my family didn’t get along together well. As I was sitting in class that day, thoughts about our relationship just kept popping up in my head. Is this just for the moment? Is my other aunts going to be mad more? Does other family members hang around each other a lot?
While these were normal questions for anyone to ask, my reactions to them were both mentally and physically overwhelming. I couldn 't focus on the game at all, and I started breathing too quickly and trembling, convinced that Shanice would leave me and my world would fall apart. I kept imagining only the worst outcomes from this situation, until finally I couldn 't sit with my friends anymore. I had to leave the gym during half-time and run to the bathroom, where I began to splash water in my face to cool me down.
After that night, things began to worsen sharply. I missed the next days of school because I told my mom I was sick to my stomach and I could get up head hurting and I just couldn’t go to school. While this was true, I couldn 't eat food all day, it 's like I was going to throw up just looking at food. I knew it was more because of my fears than because of any physical illness.
During that day I lay in…

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