Essay My Day For The Summer

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This past Spring, it was time for me to move back to home for the summer. My father drove from Florida to UNCG to pack all my stuff up. That night as we were in the hotel room resting for the drive back, I noticed my dad had a little black pouch. I did not ask him what it was for. I wanted to see if he would use it. He proceeded to relax but right before he went to bed, he picked up the black pouch. I watched him as he opened it up, assembled pieces together and then out a plastic device to his finger. I could not believe what I was seeing. I watched him as he stuck his finger and threw the device across the desk. I soon realized he was checking his blood sugar. I questioned my dad on why he was testing his sugar. He said just a precautionary to log my blood sugars throughout the day. His result was over 200. When I asked him why it was so high, he stated that he had Mexican food the previous night. The next morning, we drove home to Florida. I asked my mom privately if dad was diagnosed as being diabetic. She said yes. I was not in shock, rather I was happy that my dad may get into a healthier state because of this. Little did I know it would have the opposite effect. I was brought up in a household where food was always a topic. My parents always served my sister and I a meat, a form of a carbohydrate, and a vegetable for every meal. Growing up, I knew that my family was a little different than the traditional American household. My dad is Filipino and my mom is…

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