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This summer of 2015, the bell has rung on the last day of school. School was finally done and the beginning of our summer. I felt the excitement through my mind and body. I knew it would be a great summer being around my both side of families and surrounding myself with great friends. My first mission was to visit my father in Mexico. It has been fifteen years that I have not seen him, so I knew how emotional it would be. Also it was going to be my first time ever traveling on a plane. I was quite excited just the thought of seeing my father but very nervous also because I have never been on a plane before. I don’t know what to expect for the first time. As the days have gotten closer for my trip to Mexico, there was nights where I couldn’t …show more content…
I really wasn’t sure what to put into it since I rarely ever travel out of the state. It was all new to me. It was exactly 3:30 p.m. on the clock it was time to step out of the door. My brother helped me put my things into the car. We drove off. We went a little earlier; my aunt told me from her experience the Orlando airport is full of crazy madness. It was best to get there early to get check in and get our luggage checked, and especially that the lines for check in are endless. When I was finally inside the plane I was patiently waiting for the other passengers to get settled in, meanwhile I was listening to my playlist, and the Weeknd was on. Listening to him made my nerves calm down as I closed my eyes and had my focus on the music and not the fact that I was about to fly up high up the sky. It was time to go finally. The speed of the plane’s wheels started to increase. Yet there I was still trying not to focus too much on it…as soon as the plane lifted my stomach rose a little but it was to the point where I knew that I would …show more content…
By the time I arrived safely in Mexico city it was late at night, one of aunts was already there waiting for me. We drove to her house and stayed there for the night. It was too late to travel to the town where my father was at, so I waited til the next morning to catch the bus to Hidalgo. After a good night sleep, 7 a.m. and it was time to hit the bus station. I had pay for the bus ticket it was about 100 pesos which here in the united states its approx. about 10 dollars. To murder some time my aunt who came with me, we bought some coffee and some sweet bread to eat with our warm coffee as we waited on the bus to get us to hidalgo. Everything was so different the way I viewed everything. I wasn’t use to anything that was there, the oddest thing I experienced at the bus station was that I had to pay 5 cents and extra for some toilet paper. That is something that I never had to do back at home. I was amazed at all the mountains that I saw. I never had seen so much mountains and so much cactus. I’ve seen a couple of cactus back at home but not as many as I seen while being in Mexico. I was getting a little frustrated on the bus ride. I had someone behind my seat that had a baby whom was as frustrated as I was. The driver told us we were 30 minutes away from our stop to finally get off. Meanwhile I was playing candy crush on my cell phone. I couldn’t listen to my music because unfortunately I forgotten my headphones inside my luggage that

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