My Day Diet Sample Has Provided Me With A Lot Of Information Regarding My Diet

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My three day diet sample has provided me with a lot of information concerning my diet. It has show multiple positive result that I can build on. However it also reveals unhealthily diet habits that I have develop that I must fix. One of my main goals starting this assignment was to burn more calories then I consumed. The results for that were good, because I need to lose weight. I believe I accomplish this by making my diet full of different kinds of food. While I was shopping I selected a wide selection of foods including fruit and vegetables instead of getting the same thing I normally do. The first thing a person should watch while trying to lose weight is their calorie intake. I was not successful at that I had a calorie intake 3235.31 even though it is only recommended that I get 2915.57. Therefore, I ate 10% more calories then recommended, however, I believe it is the worst kind of calories I ate. For example, calories that came from fat I ate 20% more then I should, in addition I ate 11% more calories from saturated fat. Fat and saturated fat full of calories and not a healthy way to consume calories. While calories are the first quick reference when keeping track of your diet, in addition, there are many other factors that can cause weight change.
It is important when on a diet that you also track other factors to control ones weight such as: carbohydrates, protein, fiber and fat. Each of nutrients plays a major role in how our bodies functions, also…

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