My Day At My House Essay

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I Found Myself
My house is congested with my relatives and friends; my friends and family are here to wish me best of luck and safe journey. My heart is brimming with blended emotions. At one hand, I am frightened and somber; On the other hand, I am thrilled and glad simultaneously. It is my last day at my house and in my country. Tonight is my flight to America. I’m moving to America, to be with my husband and to start a new journey of my life. I remember every moment of my last day in Pakistan. I have never been the way from my house before. I have always been enclosed by my friends and cousins. My friends have always been with me in sunshine and rain. I cannot imagine a day without them. I never thought of leaving them. I didn’t realize how my life would turn around as a result of a yes.
My childhood friend Sadiq, who moved to America ten years ago, asked me to marry him. Every person in my family admired him that’s why, without giving a second thought I said yes to him and we were married in a year, when he visited Pakistan. We were excited to spend our lives together. What I didn’t realize until the moment I was at the airport that, I am moving to a different country, where I don’t recognize anyone other than my husband. I’m leaving all my family and friends here in Pakistan. I didn’t know how to react anymore now, I was sad and crying as I entered the airport, yet I also felt joyful inside my heart. When I was at the airport with my family, my grandma said to me,…

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