My Day At Media Elementary School Essay

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On Tuesday, October 20, 2015, I spent the day at Media Elementary School in the Rose Tree Media School District assisting 4th-grade teacher Mrs. Williamson. Mrs. Williamson is a teacher with 23 years of experience and she spent most her career with Media Elementary School. The school day for the students begins at 9:00 am and ends at 3:30 pm. I was supposed to report at 8:45 am as the teacher began preparing for the class few minutes before the students entered the classroom. I reached there at 8:30 and after finishing my Visitor card formalities, I was with the teacher right in time. There was also a student teacher, Emily, in the classroom when I reached there. She is there all day, every day during her fall semester. There were 19 students in the class, 10 boys and 9 girls. This was an average classroom, so 3 students leave for advance Math and 4 students come there to join this class for Math. Rest of the day, this is a regular classroom. During my stay in the classroom, I assisted the teacher during Math and reading class.
My day started with understanding the schedule of the day and I helped the teacher to arrange the room for the day. The room had a traditional seating arrangement with three rows facing the board. There is a seating area with a rug where students sit closer to the smart board for Math class when they watch videos. Emily, the student teacher, started with the Morning meeting and students sat on the rug for the meeting. They greet each other with a…

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