Essay about My Day At A New School

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Imagine: it is your first day at a new school. You feel anxious- you do not know anyone or where your classes are. All you can concentrate on are your previous friendships and school. You continue to focus on getting to the end of your school day. Why? Practice. Or, maybe you are going to attend a meeting for a club or activity. This extracurricular is the first time you feel you can actually enjoy your time in this new environment. You know that, within this activity, you have the opportunity to form new friendships and meet plenty of new people who share similar interests as you. You know that this will be your chance to finally feel welcomed- involved. It is through this activity that you are finally starting to enjoy this new school. You begin looking forward to it each day. But, what you do not know is, this extracurricular activity is actually teaching you valuable life lessons and skills that will continue to carry over into your academics, future career, and life. While making the most memorable moments of your high school career, you are also preparing for your future. Extracurricular activities are something all students should be involved in to help teach them the importance of long term commitment, improve their communication skills, and increase their self esteem.
Learning to uphold a commitment is a skill that everyone needs to know in order to be successful in life. Joining extracurricular activities teaches students about the importance of committing to…

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