High School Graduation Narrative

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Have you ever wished you could go back in time? If I was able to go back, I would relive my high school graduation. I never thought this day would come and when it finally did, I was more terrified of what life after high school would be like. However, that day I could not wait to finally throw my cap in the air and say “I did it”. This day was full of happiness, excitement, and even fear.
The happiness I felt the day of my graduation was probably the same as when a mother sees their child for the first time, or when a teenager gets their license. It is a day that seems so far that when it finally arrives, the feeling is unbelievable. I was extremely lucky to have both of my parents present during the ceremony. I know it was such a proud moment for my parents to see me
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Another big part of my happiness was that I was graduating with the same close friends I had entered high school with. In the end no one was able to take that smile off my face that day.
The morning of my graduation I woke up with tremendous excitement because I knew that afternoon I would be receiving my diploma. That morning I got on the bus I thought about all the memories I had made the last four years, I thought to myself “where did all the time go?” was this really happening? Could this all be just a dream? Maybe I was still a freshman and I was just dreaming of graduation day. Except it was not a dream, my high school career had finally reached its peek. As the bus came to a complete stop, I raced to the cafeteria and looked for my friends, we were ready to begin our final practice. During our break from practice, the entire class was exchanging yearbooks and reminiscing on old times, I on the other hand could not wait to get ready for the afternoon. Once I got home I rushed to get my hair and make up

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