Essay My Daughter The Racist By Helen Oyeyemi

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There were two words mentioned, in My Daughter the Racist, that occurred significantly more times than any others: daughter and mother. Helen Oyeyemi wrote these words seventy- eight times, which gave support to a theme of the short story. The theme is the strength of relationships between daughters and mothers, which is established through Oyeyemi’s characters and their attributes. Oyeyemi wrote her story from the first-person point of view. This meant that the mother was the protagonist in the short story. She was also the center-of-attention and the main character. She was not specifically introduced since there was no need for her to be. Also, she was one of the static characters. The mother was the protagonist and the main character who did not undergo any significant changes throughout the course of the plot.
The mother was characterized as scared, cautious, and dependent on others. She loved her husband, and when he died, she showed her inability to be independent. She said, “I belong with my husband’s mother until someone else claims me” (Oyeyemi 76). She ought to be “claimed” by someone. She could not function on her own. The mother was dependent on others to survive.
Fear was another characteristic the mother had throughout the short story. She wanted to love and have a life with a man again, but she was afraid. She said that Bilal, “... could give my mother, daughter, and I everything we might reasonably expect from this life” (Oyeyemi 80). She could have said…

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