My Dad I Have Learned Leadership Skills Essay

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Often in life we are faced with decisions to make which are taken based on our ethics and the way influencers have affected our lives. In my life my greatest influencers are my dad and grandfather because of all that they have overcome and accomplished. My father grew up with little to nothing in Mexico and so he had to make some tough decisions in order to have the best future for him and the people he cares about. He made the decision to work in the U.S. and leave his family. He now has his own business and has a better lifestyle than what he expected. From my dad I have learned leadership skills because it take true character to make tough decisions, sacrifices, and now leads his employees. He has the leadership skills of listening and leading by example. My dad shows these skills everyday with his workers. He is the boss and his employees always tell him their problems. He is there for them like a time when one of his employees needed an advance on their pay due to financial problems they were having. My dad understood and quickly did what his employee had asked for. He is always working side by side with his workers, doing the same work they do. This is the way he leads by example, by always being with them. He is hands on and like to get his hands dirty just like his employees in the landscaping business.
The next influencer of my life is my grandfather who was left orphan a very young age and had to go through many struggles to be what he is. As a child he had many…

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