Narrative Essay On My Father By Leo Giesen

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My dad, Leo Giesen, grew up in Union Hill, Minnesota. He was in January of 1965, When he was growing up he remembered that he was always outside, he grew up as the second youngest out of eleven kids, however when he was growing up, three of them were already out of the house, and they were never allowed to play in the house, so they were outside all of the time. One of the earliest memory my dad has was the time when one of his older brothers came home from Vietnam, and how he really wanted to go to the airport, but he was too young, but he was allowed to stay awake past midnight to wait for him to get home. Another memorable memory was playing lots and lots of baseball and sledding. He said there were lots of kids his age to play with. He …show more content…
He was a heavy equipment mechanic and was the best mechanic around for fixing cars. He only went to school until eighth grade, but he was the smartest person my dad knew. He also was an avid hunter, and the family always had a hunting dog. My dad’s mom would stay home with the kids until the youngest kid was in school, then got a job at the school serving lunch. They were both extremely religious, with both of them going to church every single day for as long as my dad can remember. Mom also worked at the church a lot, typing up papers for the bulletin board. She also loved to read and was very humorous, and she taught all of the kids that have a sense of humor is very important, and she taught them to have one. One of my dad’s favorite memory of his parents was much later in life when his mom was in the hospital, and my dad had to give his dad his insulin shot. So when he did, he sounded like he had just been shot. He screamed and hollered, and my dad felt super guilty for a long time. Then about a week later, when mom was back from the hospital, she gave him his shot and he did nothing, and my dad did not think that was too

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