Essay on My Curriculum Priorities For Education

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Within today’s curriculum there is a great variety of teachers who place aspects of the Australian Curriculum at higher degree’s of importance, depending on their own beliefs or values of what should be taught in schools and how to teach it. Ennis & Chen clearly state that “value orientations represent educator’s belief systems about what content is taught, how it is taught and to what extent the content is taught.” Different philosophies and beliefs are competing for funding and visibility in curriculum which are subject to limitations in resources including time, number of staff, equipment/facilities and space (Ennis & Chen, 1993, p.436).

Within my curriculum priorities for my career in HPE, I am certain, my beliefs and values have been molded over the course of my schooling as I have moved to numerous different schools in both primary and secondary environments and been exposed to multiple teachers and teaching styles. Some teachers assessed purely on repetition and the ability to recall/remember information and others used unique assessment methods that allowed students the ability to show a deeper understanding towards an assessment task. In response I believe I place a strong emphasis on disciplinary mastery as I believe that students need to first be able to demonstrate essential movements, concepts and skills in order to progress to more complicated and realistic applications. However due to such a great range of content needed to be delivered to students within the…

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