My Current Zone Of Proximal Development Essay

795 Words Nov 6th, 2016 4 Pages
Following the Krathwohl and Developmental Assessment (Griffin, 2014), I believe my current Zone of Proximal Development should be at the “Organizing” stage. At the start of the semester, I identified my ZDP the stage as “Responding”, as I was willing to passively receive information and attended all the learning environment, and while completing assessments following the formal requirements, I was not always engaged in discussion in the tutorials. Luckily, the natural of the very first assignment, the group constructed rubric, had greatly helped me to overcome the “participates in discussions” item of the “Responding” level. Throughout several active group discussions, we cooperatively finished the task, and I developed the confidence to participation in discussion throughout the process. The very positive feedback that we received for the group assignment was a valid evidence of the successful group collaboration.
The following assessments and classroom activities had all helped me to reach the next developing stage, “Valuing”. I started to build a link between the assessment and learning process as I construct my own rubric for the second assessment, since I am really applying the theories and methods learnt in class into practice. As I was given the chance to develop my own assessment task during my placement this semester, I was able to use the activity and it’s rubric I’ve constructed in practice, and I was very thankful for the opportunities. I had two classes of…

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