My Current Skills As A Student Entering College Lack Readiness For A Career

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My current skills as a student entering college lack readiness for a career in the field of marketing. However, I believe I posses good communication skills as I am fluent in both English and Spanish. Being fluent in multiple languages gives me the opportunity to speak and write appropriately to the audience I am trying to reach. I hope to improve and perfect these skills, as well as develop new ones through my time at St. Edward’s to better prepare me for the field of marketing. After interviewing Professor Mortada Mohamed with years of experience in the Marketing profession, I learned that it is important to study your audience and the organization 's capabilities in order to provide a straightforward or detail oriented statement regarding the situation.
Professor Mohamed is the Executive Director for the Texas International Business Council. Prior to his present positions he was the Regional Trade Director for Europe, Africa, Middle East, for the State of Texas, Office of the Governor, Economic Development and Tourism Division while traveling over fifty countries.
After multiple years of experience in his field, Professor Mohamed advises to always know the message you are trying to deliver and utilize the correct form of writing. Depending on the message, here are four different types of writing you can choose from. The four different types of writing include vision, benefits, values and action orientated. All these pieces of writing can be written, straightforward or…

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