Essay on My Current Relationship With Stella

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Imagine you spend the whole eighteen years of your life, and it’s always been accompanied by someone else and even when entering college that one individual is still there. It’s creepy to think that some people are privileged to have their own personal stalker, that is to say, in the form of kinship. I know only one person who I can identify and most definitely, easily recognize the person in my own life. The one who fulfills all the criteria happens to be my older sister, who I will refer to as Stella. As siblings, it is a universal truth that the relationship between children will change; although the relationships will be plagued by arguments a-plenty, ranging from simple teasing to when parents must intervene to saves to lives of their beloved children, these relationships will be of tremendous use in the future, hopefully, for both children. My current relationship with Stella is a positive one. With my set of eighteen year old eyes I see my sister, Stella, as a mother like figure who at this point I cherish. From the eyes of other people, who spend a great deal less time in the presence of my lovely sister, tell me harsh things that do not match up to the description I paint on my own. These other people tell me things and then go on to the point where I wonder if they hate Stella. Perhaps it is because their pairs of eyes are most often older or different from my own age set that I sport, yet the contrast from my opinion to those who say to me, “You ought to throw…

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