Essay on My Current Of The Church

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My current church affiliation is Roman Catholic. The church service I attended is Presbyterian. I attended Grace Presbyterian church November 1 2015. The church started off with the opening call to worship. I got the opportunity to witness the sacrament of baptism in the Presbyterian style. The church had a band and a choir. The choir sang the hymn and the band sang songs of worship. The tradition of worship is a mixture of reformed and revivalist. The history behind the church goes back to the sixteenth century. According to the lectures notes the church I attended to is part of reformed group. They had a few songs they singed during the worship. The worship was followed by the word and then the sermon. The worship had music, sermon, and word. Overall the worship service was not the same as the worship I am accustomed to. The worship service that I normally attend has communion every week but this worship service only offers communion once a month. The songs of worship are mostly sang by the band but it’s neat that you can hear the person that next to you sing along with the band. The worship lasted about the same time my church’s service takes. The worship took about ten minutes just to receive the congregation’s gratitude. The doctrine used for reflection in this service was 2 Corinthians 8 stanzas 1 through 12. Other doctrines that they used were the apostle’s creed, and my eternal king. The apostle’s creed was the shorten version of the Nicene Creed. They stated my…

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