My Current Journey Of My Life Essay

1352 Words Oct 8th, 2016 6 Pages
My current journey I question the word life. I question my past journey ups and downs and if everything happens for a reason. I also look at judgement in the world today. People judge others for being evil or bad and treat these individuals as if they have always been this way. As I look at my 20-year-old son today, I think to myself where did I go wrong. It takes me back to the day he was born and what a beautiful baby he was. He was a happy baby and I exposed him to love that I never received as a child. That was my promise to myself to make sure I always, no matter what, show consistent love. As he grew up he became challenging, not listening and throwing temper tantrums like any other toddler. He was finding who he was and learning from his environment. My son above all was the most loving little boy. As years went on the family dynamics changed. The dynamics changed into a negative way of living. I got divorced and I as a mother got severely depressed and began isolating and abusing prescribed medication for anxiety. My son was exposed to a mother that didn’t care if she lived or died and spent time in psychiatric wards on holidays. My x- husband kept our son most of the time and never had nice things to say about me in front of our son. It was a very long journey of change. The change got worse before it got better. Needless to say, today as a mother I have done a 360. I have changed in a positive way and because of the change it has prepared me for my purpose. My…

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