My Culture : My Life Greatly And It Is A Big Part Of My Identity

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My culture impacts my life greatly and it is a big part of my identity, but it doesn’t misguide me when it comes to opening up the curtain and taking a look into another races’ culture. I believe ones’ culture has a lot to do with whether a person or individual is willing to be accepting of others. When we accept people and their way of living for who they are it makes it easier for us to function in a multicultural environment. During the latter part of this class it has come to me that most people treat people the way they like or want to be treated. However, this is not true with people in all races, and a lot of it has nothing to do with color. In my opinion, it has a lot to do with the generation you were a part of and how their view of other races impacted the children they raised lives. Through my own personal experiences, I have found that many individuals born prior to the 1980s are less welcoming of societal differences, unless they were accustomed to it growing up. Also, many individuals born after the 1980s are more welcoming of the societal differences, because they are exposed to a various cultures growing up at home, in school settings and this helps them to create a mutual respect for one another, which allows them to be tolerable and get along. In this reflection I will discuss American Indian/Native American culture, the opportunities and challenges presented for counseling and how these challenges will impact me as a counselor. I began…

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