My Culture As An African American Essays

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My Culture as an African American

African American culture is so diverse, it is combined with so many different things like original African culture fused with slavery, oppression, poverty, the struggle, success, and things alike.
African Americans have richly impacted the American culture. Although Africans were stolen from their homeland and brought to America as slaves, despite the cruel and unjust treatment blacks still brought a lot of influence in the ways of; entertainment, food, inventions, language, literature, art, fashion morals and values and lastly community, to this land. After being forced to come to America blacks experienced a lot of discrimination. This forced blacks to escape the south and move up north or wherever they could in order to free themselves from slavery. Although the slavery wasn 't mentioned in the other states a lot of them still practiced the same treatment and beliefs, just not as obvious and plainly stated as the south. African Americans handled this type of life very well and still was able to overcome and still and pave the way for people like me to have the freedom and life that they only dreamed of having. Speaking about the history of American Americans takes me back, brings good memories of a legacy that was started many years ago in my own immediate family. I will only go back as far as my grandparents and possible great grandparents as far as I know.
The longest journey will be on my maternal side. My mother was the…

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