My Cultural Identity Essay

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My Cultural Identity What comes to mind when you hear that I am Hispanic? That I am Mexican; that I eat spicy food; that I play soccer; that my parents came into this country illegally? Many times that is what I feel when people say that about me. Hispanic is a term that is used to identify many cultures that come from Latin countries. Do you know how many Latin countries are in North, Central, and South America, and the Caribbean? There are a lot! That means many cultures, and I am Puerto Rican! If you don’t know where Puerto Rico is, I have to tell you that it is not in Mexico. Puerto Rico is a thirty-five by one hundred miles island in the Caribbean. Who are the Puerto Ricans? The Puerto Ricans are the combination of the Tainos, Spaniards, and Africans. And, we can see all of that reflected in our music, food, dances, and religion. Having said that, I know I am Puerto Rican, however, I am a second generation. Let me share with you, what a second generation Puerto Rican means. For me, I have never lived on the island of Puerto Rico. I have no idea of what the national anthem is. One day, I asked my dad to sing it for me, and he told me that the anthem has danza style. He told me that the anthem was about the beauty of the island and when Christopher Columbus discovered the island. Another thing that I experience as a second generation, is the lack of speaking the language; however, believe it or not, I understand everything my parents say to me in Spanish. …show more content…
I can remember when we went to Puerto Rico for Christmas, and I am not exaggerating every single day we would do a parranda. A parranda, you ask? Parranda is family and friends going and singing at different homes for a good time. Which brings me to realize how hospitable Puerto Ricans are. When we talk about values, we have to highlight: family and faith. We love to have family reunions. I remember for my quinceañera (sweet fifteen), family from Louisiana, South Carolina, Florida, Kentucky, and of course, Puerto Rico came to my party. This was the ultimate family reunion. We danced salsa and merengue, dances from Puerto Rico. We sang with congas, pleneras, guitars, guiro, and maracas. In my home, faith in God is very important. I am a PK (preacher’s kid). You may ask, how do I feel about this? I will say that it can be hard sometimes because a lot of people know that I am a preacher’s daughter and I feel like all eyes are on me to be good. But, at home I feel normal, I feel like every other teen. I argue with my parents and my brothers. We have our good and our bad days like every other family. My dad is like any other dad when it comes to boys, well except he will give a sermon,

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