My Critical Thinking Assignment : Analysis Essay

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Critical Thinking Assignment
For my critical thinking assignment, I was asked what stereotypical images of Hispanic/Latino Americans and Black Americans exist in the contemporary media. I was also asked what harm these stereotypes present to the races, ethnic groups, and society. There are many parts that come together to create the contemporary media, such as television networks, internet website, and newspaper outlets they help in putting these stereotypes into the minds’ of the people.
Throughout History Hispanic/Latino Americans and Black Americans have had to endure stereotypes being placed upon them, their race; and the ethnic groups they belong to. Most of the stereotypes have a racist undertone. A stereotype is used to categorize a group of people in good and bad ways. Stereotypes happen when people are unwilling or unable to obtain the information needed to make a fair assessment about certain groups or situations. People use stereotypes to fill in gaps in their information about a group.
Some of the common stereotypes made about Black Americans are that all Black men are criminals, Black Americans are lazy, and living off welfare system. Yes, some Black American men are criminals and some Black Americans do live off the welfare system. All races and ethnic groups have criminals and people who live off the welfare system. Another stereotype about Black women is that they are “welfare queens” that have many children by different fathers, who are not present. The…

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