My Core Values And Beliefs Essay

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My core values and beliefs have been developed over quite a few aspects. There are many events and reasons in my life as to why and how I act and think the way that I do. Everyone has different explanations based on their own experiences and upbringings. To start off with, my beliefs about God existing is one of the main forces as to why I am who I am today. The Bible and what its stories have to offer support these beliefs. God
It has been the stance of historic Christianity that, unlike other religions and conceptions of God, God can be known. He has disclosed himself to humanity through the testimony of the Scriptures and the person of Jesus Christ, the prototype of the invisible God. The nature of this knowledge of God is not made manifest in mere intellectual ascent or platonic contemplation but, far beyond that, it is a knowledge that is very vibrant and intimate. This is the eternal life to which all are invited to: fellowship with the living God.
Theologians throughout the centuries have come up with what are known as "Attributes of God" in an effort to talk properly of what God is like. An attribute by definition is simply a true characteristic that can be stated about God. It is propositional descriptions of the essence and nature of God. Knowledge of the attributes is foundational to fellowship with God. Without such knowledge, it is not the true God that ends up being worshipped but a mere fictitious figure conjured up in one 's own imagination. The biblical…

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