My Conscious Inclusion Of Visual Design Essay

1217 Words Apr 26th, 2016 null Page
A majority of technical writing/reports rely heavily on the visual layout and the design. Visual layout and design is an area of my writing that greatly improved as the semester progressed. At the beginning of the semester visual layout and design was not a major point of emphasis in my writing, however, as the semester progressed, I began to consider visual design more and more. This progression helped me to make three visually appealing artifacts that subsequently helped improve each artifact individually. My conscious inclusion of visual design in my writing helped to make the presentation cleaner and easier to follow as well as helping to improve upon the visual aspect of WOVEN. English 1102 and English 1101 both focus on the concept of WOVEN, however, English 1102 challenged me to work more with my visual design far more than I ever had to in English 1101 or in high school. In high school I was mainly asked to write traditional five paragraph essays, whereas in English 1101 I was required to create videos with minimal essay writing involved. However, English 1102 incorporates essays, presentations, and videos altogether. The combination of essays, presentation, and videos required considerably more conscious consideration of how each aspect fits in with each other, and where each piece of the project fit best. Throughout the semester I incorporated visual design and layout more and more, continuously improving on my ability to use visual design and layout…

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