My Concussion Had Ruined Me Essay

1609 Words Nov 15th, 2015 null Page
My concussion had ruined me. Returning to school at the end of my eighth grade year after missing three months was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I was removed from school the week before Thanksgiving, and returned the week of Valentine 's day. During that time I spent my days resting in a dark room with the only light coming in through the small space inbetween the curtains. The pain was constant, everything made it worse. The sound of a vacuum cleaner downstairs, the cars passing by outside or the phone ringing in the room next to me all made me cringe in pain. I remember those first few days back to school, everything was so different. There were new posters, people had changed, and everything I was learning didn’t make much sense. I walked into school and people seemed interested to see me. I had not hung out or talked to a lot of my friends since before I left. I sat down in my first class, English, and the class started a discussion about a book I had never heard of before. I had not read a full book since before I left. I thought about going back to basketball, but it was already February and the middle school team I was apart of only had one game left. I had not played sports since before I left. My concussion had ruined me. When I left school in November, it wasn’t a choice, but rather something I had to do for my health. I had been diagnosed with a concussion, and it was another concussion on top of the one I already had, which isn’t just bad, but life…

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