My Concert Report At A Mom And Pops Restaurant Essay example

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On Sunday, November 27, 2016, at 6pm I did my concert report at a mom and pops restaurant called, Mariscos Uruapan in Mira Loma. Before entering, I looked at my surroundings; I have never seen people riding horses around the city. One of the observations that stood out to me was that many customers were not parking their own cars instead they used valet parking. People that rode their horses had certain areas to “park” their horse. I can hear the live band performing from the outside of the venue. Right, when I entered the restaurant they greeted me with a smile and welcomed me in. It was a slow Sunday evening when I arrived I waited about 10 minutes to get served. The waitress that served me had a bubbly and friendly personality she mentioned to me “It is banda night.” I knew the restaurant’s setting would influence the identities and behavioral process of their customers and employees. Walking inside the cultural of the restaurant was very present. For instance, the colors of the wall where a mustard yellow with hints of red, they have paintings in the walls of small towns with tequila plants, fountains, mariachi performing, and men in boats, they also had pictures hanging of Pancho Villa, and the interior of the restaurant had dark wood which made it more intimate. There were several flags with images of popular Mexican alcohol hanging from the ceiling.
The restaurant also had a jukebox adding a vintage twist. The setting brought a romantic, cozy, and comfortable feel to…

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