My Company Of Choice : Google Essay

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My company of choice is Google. I chose this company because of its marvelous opportunities in my areas of interest such as Marketing and International Business, which will allow for me to expand on my interests while also being exposed to the world and learning more. Google is a search engine that seeks to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”, through electronic exchange (Glassdoor). Google competes in the Information Technology industry.

The characteristics that Google is looking for in their employees include “leadership, role-related knowledge, how you think, and Googleyness” (‘Google Careers’). They look for employees that are able to solve a challenge in a way that displays leadership and unique problem solving. Another aspect that Google looks for in potential employees is team orientation. They value teamwork and thrive on the new ideas and great solutions that arise from good teamwork.
Some of Google’s top competitors include Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook. This is because, like Google, the most important features of their services include providing the ability to exchange information on the Internet through video, chat, and cellular devices. As stated by Google Software Engineer Eric Schmidt, “Google’s biggest search competitor is Amazon when it comes to competition for search engine traffic” (Geekwire). The main players in the Information Technology industry include Apple, Accenture, Samsung, Foxconn, HP, IBM,…

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