My Communication Experience In Today, Most, Is Why?

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A question I have really been asking myself recently, is why?

Why is this all happening, why is nothing I say getting through to you, why won 't you talk to me, why will you not try to communicate, why, why, why...

And it really frustrates me when the "why 's" of life cannot be answered for me. The past few months I have really been working on my communication skills. A lot of things have gone terribly wrong in my life due to lack of communication. So when I find myself pouring my heart and soul into every question someone asks me, it’s very frustrating to me to get a simple, "I don 't know," or even worse, "idk," in response. This past weekend I was taught to be open to feedback from others, but what if others are not open to giving you feedback?

I often ask myself, "will I ever be good enough?" or "Why am I not good enough for you?" And that is also very frustrating because I am literally giving people my all, I am giving them my heart, sharing my feelings with them,
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I think that you should always follow your heart because sometimes your mind is an idiotic asshole. Your heart is genuine. You 're heart knows what’s good for it, so follow your heart.

Your head is important as well, for remembering. You 'll never learn if you never make mistakes. So don 't forget that completely, but damn, if you really care for someone, fucking be with them. Don 't let some feeling of loneliness lead you to someone who knows nothing about you. Don 't change yourself for someone because you don 't want to be alone. It literally kills me.

So what do you do when you best still isn’t good enough? Keep trying...? Ha. I sure as hell have to keep trying. Like I said, never give up on something you can 't go a day without thinking about. If you still think of them, you still care. So I don 't think that two people should dismiss the way that they feel just because of the

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