My College I Had Never Written More Than A Three Page Paper

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Before starting college I had never written more than a three page paper. I was inexperienced when it came to writing lengthy, but still interesting papers. I still find myself to be questioning, appropriately, the content of my papers, my time management skills, and also the effectiveness of which I portray my thoughts, concepts and ideas. I have found this class to be challenging in both beneficial, and strictly frustrating ways. This class although time consuming, and difficult, has helped me grow as a writer, and given me tools such as critical thinking, review, and reflection that I will continue to use for the entirety of my college career. During my time in Writing 101, my biggest struggle has been to get my thoughts and ideas out of my brain, and in between the lines on a paper. There are many times I have great ideas for my writing, yet I find it extremely difficult to get the words out in an intelligent fashion. As I have stated in three separate blog posts this has been my largest, most frustrating form of writer 's block. While working on my Multimodal Remix Project, I opened up to thinking outside of the box, and realized that I just had to play with words, and ideas. I seemed to make more progress, and I think that by applying these skills to my everyday writing, and learning that I can improve my papers. Many of my essays lack specificity. On every essay that was graded several comments that were consistent was “you need to be more specific in your…

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