Personal Narrative: Transition From High School To College

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All throughout my high school career, I have heard numerous accounts of the “college experience” from friends, teachers and family members, yet I found myself wondering how being in college would actually feel. Will I fit in? Will I succeed in my classes? Will I be prepared to make the big transition from high school to college? These questions, among other college-related thoughts, were constantly floating around my head throughout the short summer weeks preceding Move-in Day at Allegheny College. Fortunately, I was able to find answers to all of the questions that I had about college life with ease shortly after arriving. Now, after two weeks as a full-time college student, I finally feel that I have settled into a routine, which involves classes, extracurricular activities, and other daily facets of living on a college campus. Let me begin by outlining my weekly class schedule. The school week begins Monday with this class, followed by Math 170 in the same classroom. Our Calculus professor, Professor Barry, usually assigns daily homework, which is very manageable. As someone who has always excelled in Mathematics and has been intrinsically motivated to explore it, I find his class to be very enjoyable and satisfyingly challenging. After both classes in Arter Hall, I have an introductory …show more content…
No one could have prepared me for what I have already experienced throughout the past two weeks at Allegheny. Thankfully, one notion is clear: all of my previous anxiety regarding becoming a college student now seems frivolous. Although college will undoubtedly be extremely challenging at times, whether due to academics, activities, or the daily stresses that accompany independence and self-reliance, it is a stage in life that must be taken head-on, its benefits enjoyed fully. I am just glad to share my experience with the people I met here in the

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