My School Experience Research Paper

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My School Experience My school experience has helped me prepare for the new world outside of high school. It has helped me retain many facts that have helped me outside of school. I have kept my ability to read, have better political insight, keep my morals, be social, and to really appreciate school. I have never had to have class in a janitor’s closet or have had religion influence my morals. School has helped me develop into a well-rounded person through teaching me facts that will help me in life beyond school, which is similar to many of the stories in this textbook.
Michael Moore wrote “…99 hours a year an average American adult spends reading a book — compared with 1,460 hours watching television” (123). He then continues to talk about
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In my high school experience, I have learned many techniques that will help me later on in life. I have learned writing and reading techniques that I will always need. Without school, I would not be able to read, do simple math, and write. Although school can be boring, everyone should enjoy their learning experience. Gatto writes “…that if I was bored, it was my fault and no one else’s” (142). If I was ever bored in school, it was usually my fault. I was not paying attention or doing enough work. I agree with Gatto because if I was bored, I just needed to apply myself more. There was a lot of homework in high school, but I still had a lot of free time. “Well-schooled people are conditioned to dread being alone, and they seek constant companionship through the TV, the computer, and through shallow friendships quickly acquired and abandoned” (Gatto, 149). I disagree with this because I never had shallow friendships. I had a solid group of friends throughout my four years of high school. I also did not spend all of my time watching television and playing the computer. Education has taught me important things I use inside and outside of

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