My Coaching At The Grand Valley State University Women 's Tennis Team

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For my Coaching/Teaching Behavior Observation I decided to observe the Grand Valley State University Women’s Tennis Team. Most of these girls aged in range from 18-22 years old. They are in season during the fall practicing 4 days a week along with traveling to go to matches all around Michigan. I observed a two and a half hour practice and getting to see a coach “in action” was very interesting to me. After learning about many different concepts during class, such as positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, and punishment I was able to tell what methods the coach used.
The coach primarily used positive coaching behaviors. He hardly ever used negative coaching, which is definitely a good thing. I could tell that even the little things made a difference. He commonly said “Nice hit”, gave a smile, high five, or even a pat on the back. He did this to let his team know that he saw and liked what they did. This allowed for the desirable part of the performance to be repeated. The team was able to feel good about what they had done and keep up with a positive attitude.
Informing the athletes was what the coach focused his style on. He was all about informing them what they did wrong and also in order to keep the team organized. Practice was started by reminding the team about what time and where they were going to meet for the upcoming tennis conference. He did this in order to inform the whole team to make sure that everyone was in the right place at the right time.…

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