My Client Chronic Illness : How They And There Family Are Affected By Said Illness

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In this paper I will discuss my clients chronic illness, how they and there family are affected by said illness, copying strategies/resources used as well as identify and discuss a resource in our community that I have visited that is linked with this illness.
Overview of my client and her family and their roles in the home
My client is twenty four year old female (KN) who lives in Fruitvale and was raised here her whole life. She has a very big family, with her chronic illness present in other members of her family. She lives with her boyfriend (MF), who is twenty-nine. They have a dog, three bunnies and a cat. I choose this family for I am interested in getting a deeper understanding of the illness, endometriosis and the effects of this illness on ones life. After exploring the roles of each family member, it is evident that KN and MF have distinct roles in the home, which works for both of them. KN’s role is primarily cleaning. KN is responsible for tidying up around the home, doing the dishes and keeping the house in order. KN is also responsible for getting the groceries and paying half the bills. In regards to her illness, KN finds herself frequently unable to fulfill these tasks. When it comes to housework, usually KN is in a great deal of pain and just cannot bring herself to clean. Usually, she is able to tidy up however finds it difficult to do a great deal of work. I questioned if MF takes on this role when KN is unable to and it appears he does not which adds to…

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