Essay about My Class 's Performance Was Excellent

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• Overall, my class’s performance was excellent. The students really understood the material that we taught. The average score was about a 91%, which is extremely successful. There were a few students who struggled with the objective, however, overall most of the students showed mastery of the objective by the end of the lesson. The data shows me that my assessment may have been a little easy for some of my students, but overall the performance of my class is right where I want it. I want my students to be successful, and I think that our lesson gave them the tools to succeed and the ability to show their mastery at the end.

What percentage of the students met your learning objective?
• The percentage of students who met the total learning objective was 86.66667%.
• The percentage of students who met the learning objective for the Exit Ticket was 93.333333%.
• The percentage of students who met the learning objective for the product was 86.66667%.

Which students did not meet your learning objective? Examine those products. What concerns do you have? Examine the contextual information for those students. Are there any subgroups that performed lower than the class as a whole?
• The students who did not meet our learning objective both have something that could have hindered them from being successful. One student does not speak English and she understands very little English. The other student has a developmental disability. The concerns that I have are that I think the…

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