My Class Room Is Full Lab Write Ups And Laboratory Notebooks Essay

1096 Words May 6th, 2016 null Page
1. List three ideas that you would like to initiate in your classroom.
I believe the most important idea I would like to initiate in my class room is full lab write ups and laboratory notebooks. I feel these skills are important for students to learn to do for three major reasons. First, the students will understand the purpose and outcome of an experiment at a deeper level if the write about it. I have found that students do not seem to connect the application of a skill to an experiment when they are following a list of instructions. When students are presented with a problem and have to develop and write their own procedures for solving a problem they have ownership and a deeper understanding of how to apply learned skills. Second, laboratory notebooks help students with cognitive skills such as; organization, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. All of these skills are higher level thinking skills within Bloom’s Taxonomy. Third, labs are written in 3rd person with no emotion attachment. Students do not have much practice doing this type of writing. This type of writing is not only used in the sciences, it is also used in business. This will help prepare them for the type of reports they will write in college and in a future career. For any student pursuing a career in the sciences, they will most likely begin in a laboratory setting, and these notebooks are legally binding document. My experience has taught me that my teaching the skill of writing a full…

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