Essay about My Class Room Is A Diverse Environment

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My class room is a highly diverse environment, with many students from different cultures, and age ranges. This is an intro to art classroom, meaning we are learning about the basics, and fostering creativity that students may not know they had. All students are required to take a class like this one and many of the students tend to be freshman and sophomores, but on occasion we have juniors and seniors. The seating arraignments are set up in groups. This is not by my choice because I am using the class room I observed this semester. There are 4 groups of students with about 6 to 8 students per group. The teacher allows the students to sit where they please. This went on until about half the semester was through, then decided this created too much commotion. The teacher ended up switching a few students because they were “goofing off” in her terms.

When I have a class room I’m not sure how I will have it set up. I want students to be able to socialize and have a fun time in art, but I also don’t want them to take advantage, and get out of control. Either way how I set it up, I plan on having activities that the students will not be bored with, and hopefully stay engaged. This is why I thought for the final, instead of a written exam, who wouldn’t like an art fair. This way students can take time, and put effort into a piece of work that means something to them. And the best part, they might actually be excited to create whatever they want, and take it home to be proud of…

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