My Choice For My Second Paper

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My choice for my second paper was the ecclesiology of Vatican II and the book you assigned me was Rediscovering Vatican II: The Church in the Making by Richard R.
Gaillardetz. At the publishing of the book it had been forty years since the close of Vatican II and the publisher thought it would be a great idea to publish books that make the teachings of the sixteen documents more accessible to Catholics. This book focuses on three of the documents, you could say one major, Lumen Gentium, and two minor, Christus Dominus and Orientalium Ecclesiarum, papers. The book is broken down into four distinct chapters with subsections in each chapter. Chapter one is the history behind and the forming of the documents. The author traces the “beginning” of the story back to the Reformation and the Council of Trent. The Catholic Church was on the defensive and this continued through the Enlightenment and Vatican I where the main document Pastor Aeternus, defined the dogmas of papal primacy and papal infallibility. Gaillardetz writes “Although these teachings on the papacy were very carefully circumscribed, the ultramontane climate in which the teachings were received led to a much more expansive attribution of authority to the papacy than Vatican I had ever intended.” Since the church was on the defensive it appeared the church tried to centralize all its power in the papacy. The author keeps his analysis balanced by also noting “to say that Roman Catholicism from Trent to Vatican II…

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