Personal Narrative: Where To Attend College

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Graduating from High School Trying to decide on where to go attend College was a big choice for me, My First option was Middlesex County College at first I didn’t want to go, but after hearing positive things about it, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity in attending an orientation in learning every information I needed to know. However, the only issue that I wasn’t aware of being that I didn’t have my driving license going to another college from a different country which requires more money is one thing, second not having my license in traveling to where I need to go was another issue.

My Second option I was Union County College not because it was in the County but it was more convenient to travel back and forth. Not only was this easy for me, but I also wanted to know if Union County College offered the same education like Middlesex County College. I couldn’t say that picking Union County College was the best choice but it was the right choice. All College and
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It can be overwhelming at times trying to keep everything together. If I can handle the challenges of it shouldn’t be a problem, for some like myself knowing the importance of how much it means I often ask myself should I drop out or continue I decided to stay because we all want to be successful and live in the Fruits of our labor. As I graduate in May, I can look back on it now and say how much I’ve struggled with how much I’ve endured in passing my classes, As I get my Associate’s degree in transferring either Rutgers and Kean. Every Student that attends college should take it serious as to how much is required in seeking opportunities that awaits me from every story I’ve read explains the theories of college what you’re expected to

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